It’s not in our blood to strike civilians: Erdogan

President Erdogan harshly slammed the US Defense Ministry Spokesman for “spreading fake news” about civilian casualties during the Turkish military’s ongoing operation in Syria’s Afrin district.

President Erdogan lauded Turkey’s counterterrorism efforts during the 6th Provincial Congress of the ruling AK Party on Saturday. Before his speech at the congress, Erdogan addressed the people of Turkey’s Kahramanmaraş province.

Referring to US Defense Ministry Spokesman, “Some people say ‘They strike civilians’. Those who make such claims are unscrupulous, shameless and immoral! It’s not in our blood to strike civilians, but it’s in your blood! You did it in Mali, in Rwanda, in Corsica, in Libya. You cannot charge Turkey with these kinds of things.” Erdogan said.

Benzer Haberler